Breakfast is over. Now it's time for a siesta by the pool.

Ignore your alarm. Roll over again. Finally emerge at half past ten and there is still an abundance to choose from in the breakfast buffet. Or perhaps you've been for a morning jog? Well bon apétit!

An abundance of food and endless coffee until 11.00 am

Late-riser breakfast in the new laid-back B&B hotel

Usually opinions are divided on breakfast. But not at the BOTANGO B&B Hotel. Everyone loves the late-riser breakfast! Here guests are free to eat as much as they like from 07.30 until 11.00 am, from South Tyrolean fruit to scrambled eggs prepared fresh for you by the breakfast chef. In fine weather you can eat al fresco on the terrace.

For foodies, eco warriors and saviours of the world

Do short transport distances matter to you and do you like to try something new from time to time? Of course! At the BOTANGO B&B Hotel foodies and saviours of the world can sample fresh fare from South Tyrol. If you're vegan simply let us know in advance – we'll make sure you're full up and happy.

336 €
Advent season in South Tyrol (4=3)
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449 €
Christmas at BOTANGO
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297 €
After the holidays is before the holidays
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565 €
Happy new year
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Click away for happiness BOTANGO style

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