Crazy! And in Töll of all places!

Well hello! We've pensioned off South Tyrol chic along with the hotel's old "Edelweiss" name. Now our design marries old with new and alpine with rainforest, just as we like it.

Everyone goes blank occasionally.

The BOTANGO look

Our new look too. It appears casual. And it starts with our hotel logo. While before you were greeted in traditional style with an edelweiss flower, now the BOTANGO logo is emblazoned in XXL lettering above the arched entrance. Our name, logo and a statement all rolled into one! We think our new name resonates with tango rhythms and lush greenery. What do you think?

It's just perfect! We simply took the plunge.

At the outset we too were sceptical about how our historic spruce-clad parlour would go with the virgin forest feeling in the co-working lobby. But look: it really does work! The BOTANGO simply isn't a run-of-the-mill hotel but a mature destination that has arrived in the present in relaxed fashion. Most of our rooms are in the new BOTANGO look. And we've spruced up the others.

Click away for happiness BOTANGO style

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